How about a world of self-sufficient homes, no energy bill and enough surplus to power a plug-in hybrid car’s daily commute. How about a country of self sufficient structures.  How about an alternatively powered America that is no longer dependent on foreign oil and unstable political whims. Hybrid Homes is a vision of Jeffrey D. Combelic. Working summers in construction, he graduated from CU in 1972 with a BA in Science. After a stint programming at National Center of Atmospheric Research , he returned to his passion in 1980 starting New Age Shelters with a senior partner.  In 1984 he formed his own business JDC Construction.  He proceeded to build pioneering passive solar homes continually refining his techniques.  His most notable project is the erection of the Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse. His work can be seen at: . With the recent advent of significant rebates, mass production of photovoltaic panels, advances in insulation techniques, and home energy research the ultimate solar house has finally become possible and affordable. The time has come for a Phoenix to arise from the ashes of the home building industry.